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IPWEA NZ membership badges

In today’s uncertain and fast-changing environment, asset management professionals are playing a critical role in moving Aotearoa towards sustainable communities enabled by public asset management excellence.

Upon joining IPWEA NZ, members receive their own IPWEA NZ membership badge that highlights their commitment to asset management, as well as their pursuit of asset management knowledge and best practices.

Learn how you can obtain your IPWEA NZ membership badge today.

How can I obtain an IPWEA NZ membership badge?

Upon joining or renewing your membership with IPWEA NZ, you will receive instructions on how you can access your badge.

I am already a member. How can I get my badge?

As an IPWEA NZ member, you have received an email about your membership badge. If you missed that email, you can easily access your badge by going to www.learningvault.io, creating an account and accepting your badge. Your LearningVault account MUST be the same email as your IPWEA NZ membership.

Where can I share by IPWEA NZ membership badge?

  • Your email signature
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

Do you have instructions on how to share my membership badge?

To add your digital badge as a credential to your LinkedIn profile, head to your ‘backpack’ on Learning Vault.

  1. Click the top right corner of your badge to access sharing options.
  2. Copy the badge URL and head to your LinkedIn page.
  3. From here, go to your Licenses and Certifications and click Add.
  4. Enter the details and add the copied badge URL to the credential URL section.

If you want to share your membership as a post on LinkedIn or another social media channel, you can do this quickly by selecting a social media platform icon in the badge sharing options. It’ll then take you to your chosen channel, where you can share your membership with others.

How long is my IPWEA NZ membership badge valid?

Your membership badge is valid for the year from 1 July. The badges are renewed annually, so you can evidence your current membership.

If you choose to leave IPWEA NZ the badge becomes invalid. 

My membership has expired. How can I update my membership and get my badge?

If your membership has expired, you can simply re-join and continue your IPWEA NZ membership here or contact us at nz@ipwea.org

I tried to follow the instructions, but something went wrong. Who do I contact?

For any questions regarding your membership badge, joining IPWEA NZ or renewing your IPWEA NZ membership, please contact us at nz@ipwea.org.

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