Sustainable solutions and long-term thinking have never been more needed in our communities. Households, businesses, communities, organisations and governments throughout Aotearoa are grappling with the challenges and complexities of COVID-19, supply chain issues, workforce and talent shortages, cost escalations, climate change, new ways of working and multiple reforms affecting almost every sector in one way or another.

Te Pae, Christchurch, Ōtautahi | 3-5 October 2022

At Sustainability Through Reform we are exploring the challenges and opportunities that our communities face in these times of change and showcasing innovative ideas and responses.

Our central theme of sustainability is far reaching and calls for communities to be sustainable not just environmentally, but also socially, culturally, and economically.

Sustainability also characterises the importance of ensuring our taonga, treasured places, regions, and cities across New Zealand are preserved, enhanced, and can be enjoyed by future generations. We need a shift in our future thinking so that long-term benefits accrue regardless of the changing cycles we find ourselves in; economic, natural disaster, pandemic, political, or even geo-political.

We’re also entering a time of change with reforms heralding a new way of delivering services and solutions. Reform across local government, 3 waters, environment and resource management, health and education provide an opportunity to leverage change. 

 Sustainability can take a leading role within the new legislation, organisations, and industry approaches. It’s an opportunity too great to miss.

Public works professionals play key roles in delivering sustainable infrastructure outcomes; through projects, planning, delivering services, leadership and all our spheres of influence. How we address the challenge of sustainability through reform is up to us. At Sustainability Through Reform we will inspire you, celebrate you, and upskill you to meet this challenge.



Climate change mitigation – meeting our commitments head-on | Climate adaptation – future proofing our people and assets | Waste minimisation, Circular economy and Degrowth | Enhancing and protecting our natural environment | Life cycle assessment – from raw material extraction to disposal

People and Community

People development and the future of mahi – building the workforce of the future | Engaging with community, iwi and cultural engagement | Safety, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion | Social procurement and broader social outcomes | Educate community - we value our resources


Bringing strategy and policy to life | Integrated planning – multiple drivers, disciplines, sectors, and organisations | Identifying the infrastructure solutions our community’s really need


Productivity through technology and innovation | Metaverse, Digital Twining and AI – useful or useless? | Asset data, standards and data-enabled decisionmaking | Improve performance, service and operational management | Tools to raise public awareness

Design and Delivery

New design and delivery methods to meet the challenge | Collaborative long-term delivery partnerships | Overcoming infrastructure bottlenecks – driving the funding, workforce, approval and delivery | “Best in show” design and delivery solutions | Dealing with population growth


Communicating risk and making informed trade-offs | Enabling executive and governance infrastructure decision | Procurement, contracts, insurance, and the best fit for managing risk | Addressing Volatility and uncertainty – Lead times, supply chain, material price

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